7 Tips To Help Keep Your Laundry Situation Under Control

By December 26, 2016 Organization

The larger family you have, the greater chore laundry can become. Putting a few simple systems in to place can save you a ton of time and make the task much more tolerable. Below are a few tricks we’ve founds useful and we hope you think so too!

Start Using a Divided Laundry Sorter With Color-Coded Tags

A sorter like this available on Amazon is a great place to start

This one switch will make your life much easier! Using a sorter like this, you designate one bag for darks, one for colors, and one for lights. If you have a smallish family, you can keep just one rack like this in the laundry room and every family member is responsible for adding their daily laundry and sorting appropriately. When one bag begins to get full, you just run that load.

It’s also not a bad ideal to print color-coded tags like below and staple them to the bags. That way your kids simply match the colors to the appropriate tag and there’s never any mistakes.



Start a Lost Sock System

This sock sorter almost looks like a piece of art and you can find it here: -AT WEST END-

Having a system like this in place will help a ton if your goal is to stop losing so many socks!

Soak Stain in Bucket with Borax and Avoid Scrubbing

Borax works amazingly well with laundry. A great trick is to treat a stain with something like Resolve, and then put it in a bucket with borax and enough water to cover the item. Let it sit for quite some time (even days) and often just doing this will completely remove the stain. If it’s still resisting, you might try adding some more borax and m
aybe some detergent and then letting is soak for a bit longer. This isn’t guaranteed to work every time but if you hate scrubbing as much as me, it’s a great place to start.


Use a Bleach Pen For Whites With Stubborn Stains

There’s probably isn’t an easier trick for removing stains from whites than these clorox bleach pens. You simply squeeze the soapy solution on to the stain and then you can rub slightly with the brush on the pen. On really bad stains, I’d recommend starting with the borax soak I mentioned above first and even washing the items a few times before resorting to bleach. The important thing to remember is not to use the drier before the stain is removed because this normally causes it to set and it probably isn’t going anywhere after that. I also recommend applying the pen right before throwing the item in the wash. If you use it too soon and the solution dries, often the stain will turn yellowish and permanently stain the clothing.



Save Time By Using A Mesh Bag For Dedicates

This one is pretty straight forward. If you don’t feel like washing anything by hand, use these mesh bags for your delicates. Simply zip everything inside and then wash them like normal. Bags like these works great for smaller things like socks too and keeps them all together!

Musty Bathroom Towels? Wash With Vinegar & Hot Water

Everybody probably knows that musty smell that bathrooms towels start to acquire over time. A lot of people resort to replacing them every so often but you wont need to with this nifty trick! Simply run a normal cycle with hot water and add about a cup of vinegar. You don’t need to do this every time, just when that musty smell start creeping back.

Toss Detergent Cap in the Wash So It Never Gets Messy

Our last tip is probably the simplest. Detergent caps are strong enough to survive the wash cycle so rather than dealing with the gooey mess that builds up over time, just throw it in with the clothes and it always stays clean. I usually save the cap from a detergent jug to use for the laundry so I can replace the cap on the detergent in case it gets bumped over.

That’s all the tips we have right now when it comes to laundry! Have any other laundry tips of your own? Let us know in the comments!
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