Some of the trickiest messes to clean in the house are often found in the kitchen and what often makes these messes especially difficult is when they involve grease. Over time, you’ll notice the surfaces around your stove will begin collecting a layer of grease that accumulates from the vapors of food being cooked with oil. The longer this grease has time to sit, the more difficult it will be to remove.

Using a degreasing cleaner might seem like it makes the most sense but will probably only be effective in mild cases. If you can stand the smell, a solution with half water and half ammonia will do the job well but ammonia is a toxic chemical and you’ll also be more likely to damage the surface. Fortunately, there’s a much simpler more effective solution and that’s using oil to the clean the oil. I know this seems counterproductive and we won’t get in to the details about why it works today (because we don’t know) but just trust us.

What You'll Need
  • Paper towels
  • Mineral oil works great for this clean up and vegetable oil can be substituted if need be.
How To

You won’t need a lot so just add a few drops to your paper towel and wipe the surface. You’ll immediately see all the built of gunk coming off.

After you’ve gotten all the old grease off, you don’t need to worry about cleaning up the mineral oil as a little bit will help to shine and protect the surface.


If you’ve got some seriously hardened grease in your kitchen, we’re also told that mixing 2-parts baking soda will help to bust through. Create a paste with the mixture and polish the surface with a microfiber cloth. Then just use a multi-surface cleaner with a fresh rag to clean off the baking soda.

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