How To Naturally Clean A Glass Top Stove

By March 1, 2017 Cleaning Tips

There are a lots of effective products on the market designed specifically to clean glass-top stoves. They normally come as a white cream salve but there are also thicker pastes and thin sprays as well. While these products normally work well, I wanted to cover a method I often use that is not only as effective, it’s environmentally friendly and probably cheaper! I want to mention that if you do decide to go with a cleaner, just be sure that the product doesn’t contain any type of abrasive because there’s a good chance this will damage the stove top.


Gather Your Supplies

All we’re going to need for this project is a few towels, baking soda, and vinegar.


Wipe Stove Top With Vinegar

You can use any general surface cleaner for this part but I prefer vinegar for several great reasons. First, it’s cheaper than most cleaning products. Vinegar isn’t classified by the EPA as a disinfectant but it has been shown to kill two bacterium that you definitely don’t want in your kitchen: salmonella and E.coli. If those two reasons weren’t enough, vinegar is also non-toxic so you don’t need to worry about contaminating any food!

Wipe Stop Top Surface With Vinegar


Cover Stove Top With Baking Soda

Be generous! One of the reasons baking soda is such a great cleaner is due to it’s alkali composition. This causes grit and grim to breakdown and it’s abrasive quality helps scrape safely scrub away buildup without damaging the surface. While we’re on the subject, baking soda is great for absorbing odor and eliminating stains. It’s also completely natural and non-toxic so you and your family are safe.


Soak A Few Towels In Hot Water


Cover Baking Soda With Towels

You only need the towels to be damn so wring them out before you cover the surface. You’ll want to let these towels in place for at least 15 minutes so the baking soda can work its magic. If the surface has a lot of buildup, you might want to let it soak for up to an hour.


Wipe Away Baking Soda


Elbow Grease

There’s a good chance that not all the buildup was loose enough to just wipe away all the crud so you’re going to have do to a little bit of manual labor. Use the damp clothes and maybe add some more baking soda so you can polish the surface.


Shine It Up

A little bit more vinegar will help clean off the last of the baking soda and bring a nice shine to the surface.



While this method works great, there’s a chance you’re finding some buildup that just won’t come off with the baking soda. A great tip we got from Mop Lovers is to carefully use a razor blade and scrape away the worst of it. Brand new razor blades will work best and have the least likely hood of scratching the surface. Plastic blade holders are also recommended for safety.

Cleaning the stove top can be a big project for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of time and if that sounds like you, you’re in luck! Blue Spruce Maids will go through the hassle for you for no extra charge!

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