Step 1. Book The Service Online

Select the store you’d like us to visit, add the items you need, and indicate the estimated hours based on the time it will take from arriving at the store of your choice, shopping, checking out (including any lines) and delivering the purchase to your home. Minimum is 2 hours and maximum is 4. Select the estimated prepayment for your purchase amount We will refund anything over the receipt price. And, we will not purchase anything beyond this amount.


Step 2. We Shop, You Stay Safe

Once we receive your booking, we will review all the details and management and reach out via text message to open a line of communication. At the designated day and time, your Sprucemate will reach out through the same number and be in touch to ask any questions about the items on your list or to let you know about what’s available. They’ll also send you photos of items as they’re picking them to be sure everything is correct. Management will be monitoring the process to be sure everything goes smoothly.


Step 3. No-Contact Delivery

Our Sprucemate will be wearing gloves, using sanitizing wipes/spray, and placing your items in to a sanitized bin as they shop. On arrival to your home, the items will be placed in to a new plastic bag. Management will review the records, finalize your bill and issue a refund for anything over the driving & shopping time. Ta-da! You’ve got your purchases and you didn’t have to leave the house, battle the crowds, or be exposed to any potential infections! We can do this every week, twice a month or as often as you need!



If the form below doesn’t cooperate for any reason, you can open it directly with this button