Top 10 Cleaning Mistakes that are Wasting Your Time

By November 26, 2016 Cleaning Tips

exhausted-woman-with-cleaning-h-armstrong-robertsclassicstockWhen it comes to cleaning, we all want to get the job done quickly, easily and efficiently. As simple as that may be, for a lot of homeowners cleaning becomes a very stressful, time consuming task that ends in frustration and unsatisfactory results. We’ve come to find that the root of the problem generally lies in the methods or products used that only seem to be doubling your work, or causing more harm than good! So as usual, in our bid to help you make cleaning quick and easy, we’ve come up with a list of 10 common cleaning mistakes that are wasting your precious time and doing more harm than good to your home.

1. Dirty Rags Don’t Clean!

Cleaning rags are often left dirty after they’ve been used, and we grab those same rags the next time we need to clean. Only this time, we’re not actually cleaning; we’re transferring old dirt onto the surface as we wipe up more recent dust. It’s a back and forth cleaning disaster. Here’s a simple solution; after you’ve finished using a dust rag, rinse it out thoroughly under running water till the water runs clean. Furthermore, if a rag gets too dirty in the middle of cleaning, rinse it (or take a clean one if you don’t want to use a damp cloth on that particular surface) and continue cleaning.

2. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Why Aren’t You the Shiniest of Them All?!

This one is a classic rookie mistake in cleaning. You spray your mirrors with glass cleaner and use a microfibre cloth, squeegee or newspaper to wipe it clean, yet the end result is a slightly murky mirror with streaks of dirt smudged across the surface. This is because mirrors need a good wipe down with a clean cloth first to remove all the dust and dirt sitting on it. Once you’ve got that done, the use of glass cleaner will take care of the rest.

3. Un-soaked Dishes Mean Double the Scrubbing Time

It only takes a couple of seconds to pour some water into your dirty dishes and leave aside while you do something else. This soaking time will save you a good amount of effort and time that would otherwise be wasted in scrubbing away hardened food or gravy. Similarly, using hot water will also help in scrubbing clean dishes with ease, speeding up the entire process.

4. Cleaning Windows: Dust, Spray, Wipe and Repeat?!

There needn’t be a repeat process when cleaning windows if you do it during the right time of day. Never do windows when the sun is blazing out in the sky; either you choose a cloudy day, or early evening when the sun’s heat is not harsh. The reason being that the sun heats up your windows and quickly dries up the glass cleaner, leaving it streaky after wiping. Hence, you need to clean it repeatedly till the streaks have gone. Try doing it on a cool day and we guarantee you’ll only need to do it once!

5. Carpet Stains: Blotting vs Scrubbing

In a state of panic, fresh carpet stains are attacked by vigorous scrubbing that not only spreads the stain, but also damages the fibres beyond repair. Blotting, on the other hand, does a much better job at absorbing the moisture and colour of the stain without causing any harm to the carpet. However, use multiple clean cloths to soak up the stain until there is no more moisture to absorb. After that, you can proceed with the steps to remove the carpet stain.

6. Know Your Cleaning Tools

Sometimes it’s the cleaning tool you’re using that’s really eating up your time. Do a little research and make sure you’ve got the right cleaning aid for the job. For example, use abrasive scrubbers when cleaning the bottom of pots and pans rather than soft sponges. If you choose the latter, you’ll be stuck at the kitchen sink for ages.

7. Cleaning Products: Less is More

It’s quite natural to think that the more product you use, the cleaner the result will be. But have you ever put too much detergent powder in the washer when doing laundry? If you have, you would have noticed that the clothes came out with a powdery residue of detergent or just felt stiffer and needed another clear rinse. It’s the same case when using furniture polish; if used in excess, it leaves a film on the surface which requires more vigorous cleaning to remove overtime. Apart from that, you end up wasting a large amount of product!

8. Empty the Vacuum Bag More Often

A dust filled vacuum bag makes vacuuming useless. It won’t pick up much dirt, and may even be blowing out dirt from the exhaust! Therefore, it’s important to clean out your vacuum cleaner bag frequently to keep it in tiptop condition, making your vacuuming experience quick and less strenuous.

9. Don’t Compromise on Standing Time for Cleaning Products

Some cleaners require a minimum amount of standing time before the next cleaning step can be undertaken, or they won’t be as effective. If you don’t allow that, you’ll end up cleaning for a longer time and using more effort. For example, toilet bowl cleaner should be left inside for a few minutes before brushing it clean so that the stains come out quickly and thoroughly.

10. Always Start From Top to Bottom

Sometimes we like to start with the bigger, more disliked cleaning areas, but practically speaking, cleaning needs to be done systematically. By starting from the highest point (i.e. fans, ceilings, cabinet tops, higher shelves, etc), you ensure that you’re bringing the dirt down to the ground where it will eventually be swept or vacuumed away. If you wipe tables and then clean shelves, you’re only unsettling dust and dropping dirt on surfaces you’ve already cleaned. So always implement the top to bottom rule in all your cleaning endeavours. Read more on how you can clean your home faster.

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