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Our premium quality house cleaning services in Denver and beyond never fail to put a smile on every new client’s face. We’ve built our reputation on commitment to provide unwavering quality. Clients trust us to deliver, and we do everything in our power to do just that. The service even comes with a 200% guarantee. That way, you can feel absolutely certain that you will be satisfied. Your home will be sparkling clean in no time and you’ll have more time and much energy!


Our maid service is the all-in-one solution for all your house cleaning and maintenance needs. Owing to the effective approach to cleaning, high-quality products and equipment and impressive know-how, your home is guaranteed to look flawless day in, day out. Always performed to the highest professional standard, our regular maid service is our regular clients’ preferred choice. Our maids will not let you down!

Absolute money-back guarantee

Here at Blue Spruce, we go above and beyond to give our clients time-efficient service and premium quality. We owe it all to our hand-picked employees who are the absolute best at what they do. But don’t take our word for it! Just ask our clients who rate their cleaners’ performance after each session using our advanced software. If we receive feedback from a dissatisfied client, we contact them right away to perform a reclean, preferably the following day. If the client still isn’t entirely satisfied, we offer a full refund, no questions asked!

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Let us spruce up your home and sweep you off your feet!


We will give your house the full treatment, tailor-made to cater to all your specific requests and needs.


The Blue Spruce team is passionate about making you happy. You will just love our personable customer service!


Complete your booking online using our simple booking form, sit back and relax while we take care of the rest!


We are here to take over the cleaning chores and give you back the precious commodity of free time!


Complete your booking online using our simple booking form, sit back and relax while we take care of the rest!


To our clients we promise superior quality, and go all out to ensure that is exactly what they get.

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Our maids in Arvada bring excellent hygiene results – see for yourself!

Premium quality cleaning services around Arvada

I was so impressed by Blue Spruce Maids; they completely exceeded my expectations! They paid attention to every detail from the house was spotless, floors looked great, stairs were so well vacuumed ( which is not easy), bathrooms were scoured, kitchen looked brand new and they took such sweet considerations when cleaning and putting the kids’ rooms back together. Basically, we walked in and the house felt brand new. I highly recommend using Blue Spruce- you will not be disappointed!


I was nervous having having new people clean, but WOW! These two were great! I have never seen our house so clean. They did all the baseboards, floors, my bathroom, kitchen; who knew my appliances and bathtub could look so nice.
They were nice too! I highly recommend! Five stars all the way!


OVER THE TOP great service. My house has never been so clean. This is the third time they have cleaned my house and I could not be happier. Always go the extra mile to make sure everything is perfect. I have lots of floor to clean and big dogs that mess it up and it is always spotless when they leave. I’ll will continue to use them for a long time to come! Highly recommend for whatever your cleaning needs may be.


From start to finish, Blue Spruce Maids exceeded our expectations. Booking was a breeze, and the owner, Lawrence, was very responsive and professional. We needed a move out cleaning for our rental property, and they did a great job. After seeing their high quality work, we decided to book them again for our first professional cleaning in our own home.

The fees were straightforward and there was absolutely no hassling or extra charges. We highly recommend this business for your home!


Our Denver maids leave nothing to be desired

Our stringent screening process allows us to have a meticulous, well-organized hiring process in place and choose the finest cleaning professionals in the area. But our commitment to providing premium quality house cleaning in Arvada, CO does not stop there. Using state-of-the-art software, we send all our clients an automatic survey after the cleaning and use their feedback to further enhance our quality of service. Our cleaners tick all the boxes. You can rest assured they are:

  • The absolute best cleaning professionals in the area
  • Strictly vetted & background-checked
  • Bonded & insured
  • Responsible & passionate about their work
  • Client-rated for performance

Frequently Asked Questions

What do professional house cleaners do?

Here at Blue Spruce Maids, we have carefully developed a professional house cleaning checklist that lists all the tasks our team of professionals follows. Whether you need move-in/move-out, recurring, or initial cleaning for your home in Arvada, CO, our comprehensive cleaning checklist will live up to your expectations. Having a clearly defined checklist will allow you to see what areas are tackled during our cleaning professionals’ every visit and follow their progress.

What is included in general house cleaning?

A standard house cleaning option that Blue Spruce Maids offers to their clients is designed to cover all the surfaces and floors in the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, and the living area. Unlike deep cleaning, recurring house cleaning serves to keep your home sparkling clean week after week, assuming that it has already been well-maintained.

To ensure that our Arvada clients get the most out of our home cleaning service, we always perform an initial deep cleaning. Once we’ve dealt with all those frequently neglected spots and eliminated all the dirt and grime from your household, then we’ll keep following our standard cleaning checklist during every future appointment.

Is laundry included in a standard cleaning service?

Here at Blue Spruce Maids, we are always glad to help you with your laundry during our standard home cleaning visit. On average, we either have time for one or two loads, depending on how long we need to clean the rest of the house.

How long will it take professional cleaners to clean my home?

How long will it take your crew to clean your home will depend on several factors. To be able to provide you with an accurate estimate, Blue Spruce Maids will ask you several questions regarding the size of your home in Olde Town Arvada, its overall condition, confirm if you have any pets or children, discuss your house cleaning expectations, and similar. Based on your input, our team will know what to expect and be able to calculate how long they will need to get everything done.

Here at Blue Spruce Maids, we always do our best to finish the job in the agreed time frame. However, if it happens that our team is for whatever reason behind schedule, we will let you know timely. We strongly believe that open communication is the essence of successful business relationships.

How often should I have my house cleaned?

This will entirely depend on YOUR needs. As one of the leading house cleaning companies in Arvada, CO, and beyond, Blue Spruce Maids offers several options to its clients for them to choose from. You can either schedule weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly, or even yearly appointments.

Of course, if you are not 100% sure what option would work best for you, feel free to give us a call. We want you to be fully content with our maid service and will be more than happy to address all your questions and concerns. Blue Spruce Maids always strives to provide its clients with cleaning schedules that match both their lifestyle and budget perfectly.

How much should you tip a house cleaner?

Whether you will or will not tip your cleaning professional is entirely up to you. Here at Blue Spruce Maids, we don’t expect our customers to tip our cleaners, but if you want, you are more than welcome to do so. Your cleaner will surely appreciate the gesture.

What to do before a house cleaner arrives?

If you want to help your cleaner finish the job quickly and efficiently, you should make sure to prepare your home for their arrival. This won’t take you much time since all you need to do is tidy up a bit and clear out any clutter that might be lying around your living room, kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom.

Besides, if you wish to use the time while your cleaner is working to go out, take your children to their favorite playground in the Alta Vista Area, or have lunch with your family, you are absolutely welcome to do so. This way, you won’t have our crew get in your way, and you’ll have a chance to spend some quality time with your loved ones.

How do you vet your employees?

Our vetting process consists of a background check and two in-depth interviews that allow us to assess the candidate’s personality and learn about their previous house cleaning experience. In addition to that, we make sure to monitor every new cleaners’ work to get to know them better and ensure that they meet our high standards.

Do you hire or contract your cleaners?

All our cleaners are our employees. We believe that long-term arrangements with our house cleaning professionals bring numerous benefits to our Arvada clients, and they know that they can rely on us.

Why should I go with Blue Spruce Maids?

Because we care about your needs and safety and are ready to go above and beyond to ensure the highest quality of our maid service. Our cleaning crew consists of amiable and skilled professionals who will always do their best to fulfill your requirements and leave you with a smile on your face. Whether you live in Club Crest, Forest Springs, or any other Arvada neighborhood, Blue Spruce Maids has got you covered!