How to Keep Your House Spotless with Pets Around

By admin November 15, 2021 Cleaning Tips

Pets bring joy to your household, lifting your spirits when you have a bad day and helping your kids grow up in a wholesome environment. However, they can also be a huge source of mess in your home. They can soil your carpet and shed hair in every corner, ruining the aesthetics of your interior and causing various health problems.

You might be thinking that not even the finest house cleaning services in Superior can keep your home pristine with pets, but the reality is entirely the opposite. We’re about to share a few simple tips that will help you easily take care of the mess your furry friends create. Keep reading!

How do you keep your house clean with pets?

Your pets can wreak havoc in your house. For instance, dogs don’t just shed hair on your couch or sofa – they can leave stains on your hardwood, too. As a result, they can make your home smell awful.

The good news is that you can handle the mess fairly easily. Here’s what you can do:

Groom your pets regularly

If your pet likes to walk through mud during your walks, it’s time to establish a grooming routine. This process removes dirt and prevents it from lingering around your house. While you don’t want to use your pet shampoo too frequently, be sure to give your cat or dog a quick wash with water. It’ll make a huge difference in terms of overall cleanliness.

Invest in the right furniture

If training your pet to stay away from your sofa or couch doesn’t work, you might want to enhance your furniture. Wrong materials are real hair magnets, retaining unpleasant odors and allowing the tiniest stains to become stubborn.

While searching for a new sofa, look for tightly woven solutions or leather, ideally in the same shade as your pets. If you can’t afford a new one, use a pet-friendly throw. It’s highly convenient since you can chuck it in your washer when necessary.

Use a powerful vacuum

Strong vacuums can help you deal with odors and collect pesky hair. With high-quality filters, a powerful brush action, and strong suction, they pull hairs out instead of letting them glide over various surfaces.

However, you can’t get just any vacuum. Besides being powerful, it should be appropriate for your flooring and capable of handling upholstery if your pet can’t stay away from the furniture.

Eradicate foul smells

Nobody wants to buy a pile of cleaning chemicals, even if they can rid their house of pet smells. Fortunately, you may already have the necessary products. Here are some of the most common household substances that can help you eliminate odors:

  • Vinegar: perfect for eradicating pet smells from your beds and toys.
  • Baking soda: Shake it over carpets and rugs before vacuuming to extract bad smells. Alternatively, leave it in a pot to absorb pet odors.
  • Vodka: Spritzing your upholstery and furniture with vodka can go a long way in removing odors.

When tackling pet smells, don’t forget about your windows, too. Open them for at least 10 minutes per day. It can work wonders for clearing the smells in your home.

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