Tips To Properly Care For Your Vacuum

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Tips To Properly Care For Your Vacuum

Most vacuums really don’t a lot of attention but like any piece of equipment, things do wear out over time and a few simple maintenance tips can keep it running efficiently for a long time. We’ve put together a few tips below to help ensure your vacuum gets the proper care.

1. Regularly Change the Bag

A lot of people mistakenly assume that the vacuum bag only needs to be changed when it feels full. We recommend changing the bag when it gets to be about 2/3 full instead of waiting until it’s completely packed. What happens is too much airflow is blocked when the bag is too full and not only will the vacuum struggle to pick up debris, it will also run too hot. Your vacuum depends on vacuum cleangood airflow to cool itself properly. Long-term heat can cause all sorts of major failures and that’s why this is probably the quickest, easiest, and most effective thing you can do to maintain your vacuum.

Keep an eye on how the vacuum is performing to know when it’s a good time to change the bag. There are a few symptoms that will let you know the bag is getting full like noticing a loss in suction or even losing contents back onto the floor.

Although bagged vacuums typically have more suction than bagless, bagless vacuums have the advantage of being able to regularly peer into the canister and inspect the level.

Some bagless vacuums also have an indicator that appears when it’s time to empty but these aren’t always dependable and we’d suggest emptying these vacuums even more often than it suggests. It’s very simple with this type and it will help to keep it running well. It’s also important to empty clean vacuumbagless vacuums after every use and don’t like the rubbish sitting in the canister until the next visit. Most canisters can be rinsed under water but be sure they’re completely dry before turning the vacuum on. Bagless vacuums also have filters that should be cleaned regularly by tapping it against the inside of a trashcan or outside. These filters can often be washed as well but check with your manufacturer’s manual to be sure.

2. Make Sure the Bag is Attached Properly

This sounds simple and obvious but some vacuums are a bit tricky to install the bag properly. You’ll want to always check and be sure any hooks, holders, or clips are where they belong and holding the bag securely. This step can be tedious on some models but it’s important because if the bag is perfectly secured, you risk debris finding its way into the vacuum. When debris gets pulled into the vacuums themselves, the mechanical components won’t operate as efficiently and will fail much sooner. It’s also nearly impossible to remove dirt from this part of the machine once it’s there.

On a similar note, it’s also crucial to be sure you’re using the proper bags for your vacuum. Many makes have very similar bag designs and it might appear to be working properly but not capturing all the dirt in the bag. Take a look at the reference number on your vacuum and be sure it matches the number on the bag.

3. Remove Hair & String From the Agitator

This is the spinning roller on the front of the vacuum and you’ll notice that debris will get wound around this over time and keep it from scrubbing the carpet at well as it should. If there’s enough buildup, it will also make it more difficult for the roller to turn and this puts extra strain on many internal vacuum vacuum cleaning

We’ve found the easiest way to get this cleaned is by removing the roller. This isn’t too tricky on most vacuums but there are a lot of different ways and you can easily find out how by reading your manual. Once the roller is off, all you’ll need to do is take a blade and run in lengthwise and cut through all the string & hair. Once you do that, it will be easy to pull everything away and reinstall the agitator.

Treat the Cord Well

Vacuum cords are typically plenty too strong to survive the entire life of the vacuum with proper care. Most importantly, don’t ever run the cord over. It might not seem like a vacuum can do much damage but the motor powering the roller is quite powerful and if the cord is pulled in, the rubber will be stripped away very easily. The cord is no longer safe if this happens and needs to be replaced.

It’s also important never to pull a cord out of the wall from across the room. This is going to damage the metal prongs and put more stress on the cord. It takes only a moment to walk across the room and remove the plug from the wall.

Lastly, if your vacuum has an automatic cord winder, don’t simply push the retract button and let the cord fly back in as fast as possible. This is going to cause the mechanism to wear out after only a few years. The proper technique is to guide the wire back into the unit with your free hand in a controlled fashion.


Your vacuum cleaner is just like many of the other appliances in your home and proper maintenance is paramount if you want to see if working as long and efficiently as possible. Following the tips we suggested will probably add years to any vacuum you have. More expensive vacuums will typically have more intricate parts and regular professional maintenance is a good idea to protect your investment because these vacuums can often live for decades. Either way, replacing a vacuum is expensive and a few minutes of care is well worth your time.

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