How to Clean Behind Your Furniture Correctly

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How to Clean Behind Your Furniture Correctly

Your furniture is the spotlight of your living room, bedroom, and the rest of the house. It’s incredibly comfortable, embellishes your property, and also serves as the perfect hiding spot for dust. This means you need to clean behind and under your couch, sofa, and other elements. 

If the task feels overwhelming or time-consuming, you can always consider hiring professional house cleaning services. They have the expertise, tools, and experience to tackle these challenging areas effectively, leaving your furniture and the surrounding areas spotless.

The job can drain all your energy, so how do you make it easier? The leading Northglenn, CO, provider of top-rated house cleaning services is about to reveal the answer – read on! 

How often do you clean behind furniture? How do you clean under furniture without moving it

Cleaning behind furniture is one of the most exhausting chores. It’s much more physically demanding than achieving streak-free glass surfaces, dusting your dirty shelves, and degreasing your kitchen cabinets. You may even abandon the job altogether, but this is ill-advised. 

Some people recommend cleaning behind furniture every day, but there’s no need to. You can get away with wiping the surfaces every 3-6 months. Anything longer than that, and so much dust can accumulate that various health problems may develop. 

How do you clean under furniture without moving it? 

The biggest problem associated with cleaning under your furniture is moving it. Your bed or closet is usually too large to move, but here’s a simple yet effective method that eliminates the hassle: 

  • Find a yardstick and cover it with a clean cotton sock. 
  • Make your dusting wand by securing the sock with a standard rubber band. 
  • Apply a generous amount of dusting spray onto both sides. 
  • Use the tool to clean behind your furniture. When it gets too dirty, toss it in your washer, put on a new one, and add some more dusting spray. 

Alternatively, you can use an extension duster, such as the one meant for wiping your shelves and ceiling fans. Keep in mind that you’ll need a model with a removable, bendable head constructed from electrostatically charged fibers. Just slide it underneath your furniture and pull it out to remove dust. 

If you can’t find an electrostatic duster, you can also use a regular one. However, should you go for a damp or dry duster? Each solution has its disadvantages. 

On the one hand, dry dusters leave too much dust behind. On the other hand, damp dusters collect more, but traces of dirt still remain. The easiest solution is to first use a damp tool, followed by your dry duster, and wash them after each section.

Using an extension duster with a removable, bendable head and electrostatically charged fibers can indeed be a practical solution for cleaning behind furniture. It allows you to reach those tight spaces and effectively remove dust. However, if you’re unable to find an electrostatic duster, there are alternative methods you can try.

When it comes to choosing between a damp or dry duster, each option has its pros and cons. Here’s a breakdown to help you decide:

  1. Dry duster: Dry dusters, such as microfiber or feather dusters, are effective at attracting and trapping dust particles. However, they can sometimes leave behind some dust residue. Dry dusting is suitable for light dusting or regular maintenance between deeper cleanings.
  2. Damp duster: Dampening a microfiber cloth or duster slightly with water or a gentle cleaning solution can enhance its dust-collecting capabilities. The dampness helps to capture and hold onto dust more effectively. However, using too much moisture can leave streaks or wet spots on surfaces, and it’s important to avoid excess water that could damage furniture or flooring.

To achieve optimal results when cleaning behind furniture, you can follow these steps:

  1. Start with a damp cloth or duster: Lightly dampen a microfiber cloth or duster with water or a gentle cleaning solution. Wring out any excess moisture to avoid leaving wet spots. Gently wipe surfaces behind the furniture to capture and trap dust.
  2. Follow with a dry duster: After using the damp cloth, switch to a dry microfiber cloth or duster to pick up any remaining dust and remove traces of moisture. The dry duster helps to ensure a streak-free finish and leaves surfaces clean and dry.
  3. Clean and wash the dusters: After each section or session, clean and wash the dusters as directed. This helps maintain their effectiveness and prevents the spread of accumulated dust.

Remember, it’s important to use gentle cleaning solutions and avoid harsh chemicals that could potentially damage furniture surfaces. Always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for proper care and maintenance of your dusters.

By combining the use of a damp and dry duster, and ensuring proper cleaning and maintenance, you can effectively remove dust and keep the areas behind your furniture clean.

How do you dust behind heavy furniture? 

Extension dusters work great for cleaning surfaces behind your furniture. However, there’s a faster way to get rid of the dust: 

  • Open your windows. 
  • Close the door. 
  • Put on a mask. 
  • Grab a leaf blower and blow dust from behind heavy furniture. Do it in one direction only to prevent the dust from building up in multiple areas. 
  • Close the door fast to keep the dust bunnies from escaping to other parts of the house. 
  • Let the dust settle and dust your furniture with a damp cloth. Vacuum the floors, and you’re good to go. 

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