How to Clean Your Garage from Top to Bottom

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The garage is one of the most functional parts of your household, storing your tools, and skiing gear and shielding your car from bad weather. Installing the right cabinets, flooring, and ornaments can also make it visually pleasing. 

However, the area is constantly exposed to outdoor elements due to rain, leaves, and other debris. It can get so messy that only a reliable house cleaning service in Thornton can return it to its former condition. 

That said, you can take several steps to make your garage neat and avoid a place covered with a layer of dirt. To help you breeze through this chore, we’ve prepared a bevy of garage cleaning tips. Keep reading! 

How long does it take to clean out a garage? 

Keeping your house clean every month doesn’t just require small and straightforward duties, such as removing cobwebs. You’ll need to leave some time for larger chores, too, like dealing with basement dirt and scrubbing floors. 

Cleaning out your garage should also be on your cleaning checklist. Organizing and deep cleaning the place may seem overwhelming, but it shouldn’t take too long if you come prepared. With a well-thought-out cleaning plan, you can get a neat and dirt-free garage in a day or two. 

service cleanWhat is the fastest way to clean a messy garage? 

While there’s no room for cutting corners when cleaning a messy garage, you can expedite the process with a few simple tweaks to your routine. Here’s what you can do to make light work of your garage cleaning: 

Declutter the place 

You’ll first need to determine what’s inside your garage. Choose a section where you’ll begin and pull the contents onto your driveway to sift through them. Do one section at a time to avoid missing a corner or two. 

Besides facilitating your work, this tip also lets you see the available area and the storage that’s most suitable for your garage. At this point, you can also figure out which items you want to keep. Some of the belongings may include: 

  • Items used at least twice over the past year
  • Items in good condition
  • Tools you can easily rent 

Address unnecessary possessions 

Once you’ve set aside the items you wish to keep, go through the remaining belongings pulled out of your garage. Identify the ones you want to donate or sell. Place them in cardboard boxes, bags, or plastic bins to stash them easily and move them out of your way. It’s important to regularly clean your garage to keep it organized and free of clutter. While you’re at it, don’t forget to inspect your car’s shocks and struts. A clean garage and well-maintained shocks and struts can extend the life of your car and improve its performance.

Do some deep cleaning 

Before putting your things back inside your garage, it’s a good idea to clean the area thoroughly. Generally, the best approach is to scrub the place from top to bottom. Then, dust it off and wipe your cabinets, shelves, and similar surfaces. 

Additionally, clean the door and garage walls with a cloth dipped in household detergent. To wrap it up, sweep your floor to eliminate any dust stirred in the process and hose it off. Let the floor dry for up to four hours before you put your things away. 

Here are a few other tips for cleaning your garage: 

  • Tackle motor oil stains with dish soap, cat litter, and a scrub brush.
  • Wipe away mold with bleach or some vinegar and warm water. 
  • Dry the wall with a clean microfiber cloth. 
  • Enable your floor to dry faster with a robust floor fan

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Cleaning your garage can sometimes be incredibly fun. But if the area is massive, it can take up too much of your time and keep you from enjoying your days in Thornton to the fullest. 

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