How to Make Cleaning Fun

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How-to-Make-Cleaning-Fun-Let’s face it – cleaning is probably one of your least favorite tasks. You’d rather go out and spend some quality time with your friends or watch TV. The very thought of scrubbing the bathroom or removing cobwebs may even make your skin crawl.

But what if you could make the experience fun? You can, and the top company in Lafayette, CO, providing house cleaning services is about to tell you how. In this article, we’ll show you how to turn cleaning into an enjoyable activity, so keep reading!

How do you make cleaning fun as an adult?

Motivation is key to making housework easier, whether you’re cleaning the attic or organizing the kitchen cabinets. If you don’t feel inspired by some cool facts about this activity, such as when the vacuum cleaner was invented, you want to take a different approach.

Here’s what you can do to ensure you have fun cleaning:

Add entertainment

How many times do you listen to a good audiobook or podcast, and the hours fly by? Why not do the same while cleaning your house?

Put on your earbuds and let the content captivate you as you take care of the housework. This can also become a rule – you only get to listen to your favorite content while you do the cleaning.

Throw a party

Another way to have fun cleaning is to groove to some music while cleaning. The songs help you set a tempo for chores to keep you going. As you get used to it, you can challenge yourself to perform smaller tasks before a track ends.

Work out

Cleaning can be a physically demanding activity, especially if you handle labor-intensive tasks, like washing floors or cleaning the bathtub. It’s similar to a workout session, so why not turn it into one?

Launch your smartphone fitness tracker and start moving. Set a target (e.g., burn a certain number of calories) and make sure to hit it before you’re done cleaning. It’ll no longer be a tedious activity.

How can I make cleaning for the whole family fun?

Most homeowners dread the thought of cleaning since they always do it by themselves. However, you can get your family to take on some of the work by making it fun. This is what you can do:

Set up visual checklists

If your children are visual learners, they respond well to illustrations, pictures, and other visual materials. This can be a perfect way to get them interested in cleaning.

Instead of simply telling them to clean their bedroom or fold their clothes, set up visual examples that break down the chores. This way, they’ll be more likely to understand the requirement and be motivated.

Have your children compete against each other

There are many games you can use to make cleaning fun for your kids.

For instance, you can have them grab a bag and set a timer. They need to run around your house and look for things that are out of place. They put them inside the bag and receive a dime or penny for each item. The winner is the one with the most items in their bag.

Introduce rewards

The best way to motivate your family to clean and eliminate boredom is to include rewards. When it comes to your children, you could buy them their favorite treat or take them to the cinema if they clean their room.

As for your spouse, a romantic dinner might be enough to inspire them to clean.

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