How to Motivate Your Child to Clean

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Staying on top of house cleaning in your Broomfield, CO home is a daunting task, especially if your lifestyle tends to get hectic and your schedule is constantly busy. So many chores can be frustrating, but one thing can be particularly annoying – cleaning after your children.

However, getting your children to help out with chores can be challenging because most kids have zero motivation to clean. If this is the case in your household, you need to find a way to motivate your kids to pick up the slack and make the workload more bearable.

And you’re in luck, because we are about to share with you tips and tricks from experts in the cleaning department specifically designed to help you motivate your kids to pitch in as part of your clever and effective new and improved cleaning strategy. Stay tuned!

How do I motivate my child to clean?

How do I motivate my child to cleanYou can’t include your family in your housework while leaving kids out of it. With more people in the picture, you can think of a cleaning schedule that lets you work faster and avoid getting sick in a dirty house more efficiently. And here’s how to motivate your child to start cleaning:

Stick to the basics

Don’t assign tasks your child can’t handle or a too long list of chores that will overwhelm them. Instead, give them age-appropriate jobs that won’t require you to step in and do the work for them. By performing simple tasks, they’ll have a sense of accomplishment when they complete them without your help.

Turn cleaning into a fun activity

This tactic works especially well with the youngsters. Develop a game around the chore you want your child to perform. For instance, you can set a timer and have the kids compete who can fill a basket with more toys. Whoever places more toys in the basket wins. Try to come up with a couple of different games, just don’t be too complicated.

Be tolerant

You need to come to terms with the fact that your children can’t clean as well as you. Therefore, don’t judge them according to your standards. Be tolerant if they miss some areas or make any other oversights. They may not do a perfect job, but they’ll find a way to do it eventually.

Praise the young ones

Praising your kid for doing a great job is one of the most powerful sources of motivation for them. Always let them know they’re doing an excellent job and that you’re proud of their work. They’ll be more eager to complete their chores if they know you appreciate their effort.

How do I help my child with housework?

Once you’ve motivated your child to contribute, you should find a way to keep them focused. This is what you can do:

  • Set an example: You can’t expect your children to pick up toys if your things are scattered all over the house. Make sure you’re displaying all the good cleaning practices you want them to adopt. Also, try to work alongside your kids so that they can see you addressing cleanliness and house hygiene.
  • End all distractions: All kids are easily distracted, and it’s up to you to do your best to prevent it. Have them turn off their electronics and don’t allow them to come back to them before they complete the chores they have been assigned.
  • Add structure: Try to set a precise time when you and your kids will be doing chores. For example, evenings usually work best since there’s no stress of completing housework and making it to school on time.

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