How to Come up with an Efficient Cleaning Schedule

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What is a good house cleaning scheduleMany people can’t cope with their housework and have to hire a maid service in Broomfield, CO to do the cleaning. And rightfully so – your days and weeks sometimes get too busy that you’re left with no energy to do any chores. 

However, there is an easy way to have a lovely, dirt-free home, regardless of your obligations. What we have in mind is coming up with a time-saving cleaning schedule you can follow without compromising your other duties. Under a practical cleaning plan, you’ll be able to set realistic expectations and get rid of clutter and dust gradually. 

So what does a good cleaning schedule consist of? Read on, as we’re about to share some insider tips and tricks that will save you a lot of time and effort. 

What is a good house cleaning schedule?

The importance of house cleaning can’t be overlooked. Even if motivating your children to help out with the chores doesn’t work and if your partner isn’t exactly enthusiastic about cleaning, you still have to find a way to keep the place clean and tidy. For instance, you can think of a schedule that lets you work at your pace. Here’s what it can look like: 

Daily chores

The following tasks are essential in keeping harmful bacteria and other germs at bay

  • Cleaning dirty dishes: There’s no need to pre-rinse due to the enzymes in your detergent. They actually work better when attached directly to food remains.
  • Sanitizing sinks: Remove marks with eraser-type sponges. Then, sanitize sinks by plugging your drain, filling the basin with bleach and warm water, and rinsing after five minutes.

Weekly chores

Assign a day for each room so that the workload isn’t overwhelming. For example, do the kitchen on Monday, your bedroom on Tuesday, and the bathroom on Friday. 

In addition, clean the inside of your microwave once a week. To do this, heat a bowl with a few tablespoons of vinegar and a cup of water until the window is steamy. Open the door after five minutes and wipe the inside clean. 

Monthly chores 

The main tasks you need to do on a monthly basis include these three: 

  • Cleaning your washer: Use the washer cleaner cycle on a new model, or add a commercial cleaner and run the machine on its normal cycle with hot water. 
  • Cleaning the vacuum: When the bag is three-quarters full, empty it and replace the filter if it’s torn or very dirty. 
  • Tackling the dishwasher: Descale the machine by placing a measuring cup with two cups of vinegar on its top rack. Run the dishwasher without heat drying or detergent.

How do you stay on top of housework?

A cleaning schedule can help you stay organized and maintain a clean environment. Just like how car shocks absorb impact, cleaning absorbs dirt and grime to keep your space looking fresh and new. Stick to a regular cleaning schedule to avoid buildup and ensure a tidy space. Following the schedule above will already simplify things by a wide margin. But here’s what else you can do to prevent getting snowed under with housework: 

  • Place cleaning caddies in high-traffic areas so that you can clean areas that need immediate attention. 
  • Look around the room you’re in and see if you need to return some things where they belong or discard them. 
  • Take a quick tour around the house before you go to bed to make sure everything is in its place. This allows you to start the next day with a clean slate. 

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