Tips on Keeping Your Home Free from COVID-19

By admin April 22, 2020 Cleaning Tips

Regular and meticulous cleaning is a prerequisite for having a healthy home. While this is true in most circumstances, it is particularly important during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Employing effective cleaning techniques is a crucial step in keeping your house free from coronavirus.

While the best house cleaners in Thornton would normally help you perform a successful spring cleaning or provide tips on keeping the house clean at all times, you can also rely on them in these challenging times to provide you with useful advice for disinfecting your home against the coronavirus. Read on!

How do I clean my home against coronavirus?

cleaning from COVID-19According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, cleaning and disinfection are a crucial part of fighting COVID-19. In addition to using appropriate products and practicing good personal hygiene, you and your household members should also:

Take off your shoes

Wearing shoes indoors is the perfect way to bring dirt, viruses, and bacteria into your home. Make sure to remind all of your family members to leave their shoes in the hallway after entering the home and use an effective disinfectant to remove the potential traces of viruses from the soles.

Encourage all family members and guests to remove their shoes upon entering the home. Placing a shoe rack or designated area in the hallway can serve as a convenient reminder. Additionally, providing a comfortable alternative, such as slippers or indoor shoes, can encourage compliance with the shoe-free policy.

To further enhance the cleanliness and hygiene of your home, it’s advisable to use an effective disinfectant on the soles of shoes. Choose a disinfectant specifically formulated to eliminate viruses and bacteria, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper use. This step can help reduce the potential transfer of harmful pathogens from the outside world to the surfaces of your home.

By implementing these practices and raising awareness among your family members, you can minimize the entry of dirt, viruses, and bacteria into your home, creating a cleaner and healthier living environment for everyone.

Pay extra attention to high-touch areas

When cleaning your home, you should be particularly meticulous about cleaning and disinfecting the surfaces your family members interact with the most. These areas include:

  • Kitchen and bathroom surfaces
  • Light switches
  • Remotes
  • Doorknobs and handles
  • Faucets
  • Phones and keyboards, etc.

To achieve the best possible results, you should both clean these surfaces with soap and water and then use an EPA-approved disinfecting agent to kill any remaining germs on the surfaces. Perform these two steps every day to keep yourself and your family safe.

Ventilate frequently

Make sure to open the doors and windows in your home as often as you can to let some fresh air in and let any potential viral particles out. This is especially important if someone in your home is sick.

Fresh air circulation helps dilute and disperse any airborne contaminants, reducing the concentration of viruses or other pathogens. It can also help remove indoor pollutants, such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), allergens, and indoor odors. Opening windows and doors creates a natural airflow that can contribute to a more comfortable and pleasant living space.

Remember to strike a balance between ventilation and maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature. Adjusting the windows and doors based on weather conditions and individual comfort levels can help achieve an optimal balance between fresh air intake and energy efficiency.

By incorporating regular ventilation practices into your daily routine, you can promote a healthier and more refreshing living environment for you and your family.

Use appropriate protection when cleaning

Wearing a mask and a pair of disposable gloves is the best way to protect yourself from the virus when cleaning high-touch surfaces and prevent skin irritation if you use harsh disinfectants. If you choose not to wear gloves, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly before and after the cleaning procedure.

Do the laundry regularly and properly

Coronavirus can remain active on porous surfaces for quite a while. That’s why it’s essential to be extra careful when washing clothes and other fabrics such as linens. Make sure to use the hottest setting on your washer if the materials allow it and carry all clothes in a basket away from your body when putting them into the machine.

Be thorough when washing dishes

If you don’t own a dishwasher, make sure to use hot water and dish detergent to remove any germs and bacteria from your dishes and kitchen utensils. Don’t leave any dishes in the sink for too long as this may increase the possibility of contamination.

Keep a healthy home with help from the best house cleaners in Thornton

COVID-19 cleaningRegular house cleaning is a time-consuming process, especially now. If you don’t have the time or energy to clean every single day, don’t worry. Blue Spruce is here to help you maintain a clean and healthy home by using effective equipment and products to remove germs and bacteria from your home.

While it is true that visiting Water World is out of the question right now, you still deserve to have enough time to relax and spend quality time with your family. Let us help you keep viruses at bay. Give us a call!

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