How to Get Rid of Germs on Your Bathroom Floor

By admin June 18, 2020 Cleaning Tips

How often should you disinfect your bathroom?The bathroom floor is typically an ideal environment for countless germs to thrive. If left unchecked, vicious viral and bacterial particles can spread from it and cause a number of health problems. For this reason, you just can’t do without cleaning and disinfecting your bathroom on a regular basis.

Since it can be a tricky job, the top Thornton, CO house cleaning services are here to guide you from start to finish. Coming up is all you need to know to deal with pathogens on your bathroom floor.

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How do you clean and disinfect a bathroom floor?

In order to carry out the task properly, there are several reasons why you should first clean and then disinfect your bathroom floor. In a nutshell, cleaning will make the ensuing disinfection much more effective. Here’s what the whole process should look like:

Remove all items from the floor

Before you do any cleaning, make sure that nothing can get in the way. To do this, move your rugs, toilet brush, and any other object outside and return them once you’re done.

Dust and sweep

To remove dust, simply sweep or vacuum the floor to remove hair and other debris you come across. This will prevent dust particles from sticking to the mop or piling up in the corners of the bathroom.

Heat the tiles

Sprinkle some hot water on your bathroom tiles. This will raise the temperature of the surface and make the upcoming cleaning and disinfecting much more effective.

Clean with water and soap

Submerge a mop in a bucket of soapy water and clean the entire floor. Afterward, just rinse the surface and let it dry before moving on to disinfection.

Disinfect with bleach

To make the disinfectant, combine 1/2 to 3/4 cup of bleach with 1 gallon of water. Apply the mixture, let it sit for five minutes, and let it air dry.

Also, don’t forget to wear gloves and ventilate the room while using bleach mixtures. This is because bleach can cause skin irritation and other health problems If you accidentally splash it onto your hands or inhale the fumes.

How often should you disinfect your bathroom?

Not all objects and areas in the bathroom get dirty to the same extent. Depending on how much you use them, here’s how often you should disinfect elements in your bathroom:

  • The sink: Disinfect your bathroom sink at least once a week. Even though it might seem perfectly clean, germs spread all over the sink whenever you wash your hands after using the bathroom.
  • The toilet: The same goes for your toilet. Disinfect it at least once a week to prevent the spread of vicious bacteria such as E. coli.
  • The bathtub: In general, you should disinfect your bathtub once every two weeks. Of course, you should do it more frequently if you shower often.
  • Shower curtains: Disinfect your shower curtains once a week since they can get quite nasty. Neglected curtains can get covered in mildew, which can lead to skin, eye, and throat irritation among other things.
  • The floor: As for your floor, disinfect it once a week and you should be fine. Again, using bleach for this purpose is a surefire solution.

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