How Much Should You Clean Every Day?

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Having a clean home is important for many reasons. Primarily, it helps keep your health intact and makes the place inviting for guests. However, dirt and dust won’t magically disappear on their own. If you don’t hire a reliable Thornton maid service to take care of them, you’ll need to roll your sleeves and do mini chores every day. 

But how much daily cleaning should you do exactly? Is there an effective schedule that lets you finish your daily housework in under an hour? You’re about to find out, so keep reading! 

How long should I clean each day? 

cleaning company boulder coWhen it comes to daily chores and their length, you should only stick to basic tasks that don’t take too much of your time. Therefore, you might want to devote a whole day to more demanding jobs, such as taking care of the garage mess and removing dirt from the basement. These can also be part of your monthly cleaning schedule

For now, stick to tasks that require you to clean between 15 and 30 minutes on a daily basis. Here are some of the most common ones: 


The simplest way to remove shower grout is regular maintenance. Treat your shower with a squeegee following every use. Also, dry the walls to avoid mildew stains and save time otherwise spent on subsequent cleaning. 


Considering all the things that land on countertops (e.g., car keys, purses, and mail), you can’t ignore the potential dirt and germs they accumulate. Plus, if you leave crumbs, they’re bound to attract nasty critters. To prevent this scenario, wipe your counters down and sanitize them every day. 


As previously mentioned, leftover crumbs attract various creatures that can bring all sorts of diseases. They also turn dishwashing into a nightmare if they harden. 

Therefore, hand-wash your utensils and servings after each use or place them in your dishwasher. 


You may think that washing your dishes or hands leaves the sink perfectly clean. But the reality is entirely the opposite. 

You leave a tone of bacteria and grime in the process that lingers on the sink walls. To deal with them, use your eraser-type sponge to address marks and sanitize them. One of the best sanitizers is bleach but only use a tablespoon since it can be toxic. Let it rest for about five minutes, rinse, and let it air dry. 

How can I clean my house in 30 minutes a day? 

It may sound surprising, but you can clean a large part of your house in just 30 minutes per day. Here’s how: 

Start with your garbage bag and laundry basket

Collect any items that can be thrown away and place them in your garbage bag. As for belongings you’ll relocate later, put them in your laundry basket to declutter the place. 

Quickly dust 

Quickly dust your surfaces with a feather duster. Shake it out frequently to remove any visible dust before moving onto another area. 

Wipe it down 

Spray any solid surfaces, such as toilets and counters, and wipe them clean with your microfiber cloth. 


Fire up your vacuum and address any floors that need attention. Focus on high-traffic areas, visible dirt, and corners. 

Straighten your throw blankets and fluff your pillows 

To give each room a clean and finished appearance, straighten your throw blankets. Additionally, fluff any pillows to make the place cozier. 

Replace old towels 

Using old towels is ill-advised, as they may be home to vicious bacteria. Instead, swap them out for fresh pieces. Do this in your bathroom and kitchen. 

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office cleaning company boulderFailure to keep up with daily chores can make your home unsightly. However, your job, taking care of the kids, and picnics at Washington Park take precedence. 

The good news is that you can fulfill all your obligations and still have an impeccable home. Just reach out to Blue Spruce Maids – the most dependable cleaners in Thornton and beyond. Our seasoned team will step in and clean your home so that you can relish your well-deserved free time. 

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