How to Clean a Dirty Basement with the Right Technique

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You might dread entering your basement, fearing whatever lurks inside due to all the mess accumulated over the years. All sorts of items end up there, including your bicycle, discarded clothes, and old furniture. They can make the area so cluttered that you have a hard time moving around. There may also be a layer of dust on the floor, which requires comprehensive cleaning to help prevent health problems. 

As a result, cleaning a basement can be daunting. Still, it needs to be done to restore the room’s functionality and freshen up the room. To deal with your messy basement more easily, you can once again rely on your trustworthy maid services in Thornton. Keep reading! 

How do you clean a really dirty basement?

Can I use bleach on a concrete basement floor

Decluttering and scouring your basement requires a thorough approach. Therefore, it usually isn’t on the list of your 30-minute daily chores. Instead, you’re better off incorporating it into your comprehensive monthly cleaning schedule, just like handling your messy garage

Here’s what you can do to restore your basement to its glory days: 

Declutter the area

The first step is straightforward. Go through your basement and look for things you no longer need. Throw them away or donate them to clear up the area. This will allow you to get a closer look at your floor, walls, and other surfaces that need attention. It may take some time, but it’ll go a long way in making your basement more functional. 

Vacuum the basement 

Once you’ve taken care of unnecessary belongings, vacuum the floor to remove dust and other debris that’s accumulated over the years. The same goes for any carpets, as this move will let you mop the area more easily. 

Furthermore, pay special attention to the corners of your walls with dust bunnies and cobwebs. 

Mop and scrub the place

The next step is to clean your walls with a cloth dipped in water. If they’re caked in dust and grime, start from the bottom and gradually make your way to the upper section in horizontal movements. The job will go much smoother this way. 

After wiping down your walls, sweep your floor with a broom to get rid of the remaining dust. Then, dip your mop in a bucket of water and thoroughly clean the floor. 

Organize the room 

Since you want your basement to look good as new, you’ll also need to organize the area correctly. To do so, sort the contents into related categories. For example, you should have a separate box for your tools, electronics, and other similar items. Consequently, you’ll be able to find and use the devices you need a lot faster. 

Can I use bleach on a concrete basement floor? 

Bleach is completely safe to use on concrete basement floors. In fact, homeowners commonly treat their concrete floors with this substance due to its potent ability to kill mold and mildew

However, you’ll need to ventilate your basement if you opt for a bleach solution. It helps prevent the inhalation of toxic fumes that can harm your health. Also, be sure to wear gloves and protective goggles. 

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How do you clean a really dirty basement

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