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What do you do when you’re having guests over but your living room is a complete mess? You were so overwhelmed with all the other things on the agenda, such as cooking dinner or scrubbing the bathroom, that you somehow forgot that cleaning your living room takes as much time and merits the same attention to detail. In this case, knowing how to quickly declutter and clean your living room will help ensure your home is guest-ready. Also, you can find information on how to prepare a house cleaning visit to declutter.

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How Do I Declutter My Living Room?How Do I Declutter My Living Room

You should start cleaning your living room the same way you start getting rid of the mess in your bedroom: by removing the clutter. Here’s what you should do:

Pick up extra cushions

Having too many cushions on display on your couch is simply overkill. Take most of them off and you won’t have to move them around when you or your houseguests want to sit down.

Remove paperwork

Move piles of paperwork to your mail tray in the hallway. Also, make some room in your study or other room for storing paperwork yet to be analyzed so that it doesn’t clutter the living room.

Move your laundry elsewhere

Unless you’re ready to do the ironing right away, the living room isn’t a good place for your laundry. Move it elsewhere for the time being, and deal with it later.

Old DVDs or VHS tapes

If you’re still holding onto your old DVDs or VHS tapes, they’re taking up a lot of precious storage room. Say goodbye to them so that other, more useful items can take their place.

How long does it take to clean a living room?

The time it takes to clean your living room mainly depends on the size of the room. Another major factor is the level of buildup on various surfaces throughout the room. If the room is particularly dirty and covered in a thick layer of dust, cleaning it can take well over an hour. The largest portion of this time is spent on cleaning couch stains, so make sure to have appropriate cleaning supplies on hand to accelerate and facilitate the process.

How do you clean a messy living room fast?

If you’re working on a tight schedule, you won’t have enough time for large tasks, such as cleaning your kitchen in-depth. The same goes for deep cleaning your living room.

Still, you can perform some basic tasks that will make your messy living room look much cleaner. Here’s what you should do:

Straighten up your sofa and fluff the pillows

To ensure that the focal points of your room look good, start by straightening up your sofa and fluffing the pillow. In addition, if there are any crumbs or hair on the upholstery, pick them up using a handheld vacuum. You should start seeing the difference right then and there!

Dust surfaces

Dust main surfaces, such as your shelves and coffee table. Use a microfiber cloth, and don’t forget to dust from top to bottom to avoid returning to areas you’ve already cleaned.

Clean light fixtures and your ceiling fan

Quickly remove dust, hair, and cobwebs using your vacuum on the lowest setting.

Vacuum blinds, drapes, and the floor

As for your blinds and drapes, you also want to use the lowest setting to avoid damaging the surfaces.

In terms of the floors, vacuum cleans these last since a lot of debris will have fallen on the floor surface during the previous steps in the process.

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