6 Rules for Mixing Cleaning Agents

By admin May 28, 2021 Cleaning Tips

When facing a demanding cleaning task, you can easily get frustrated and tempted to get creative in dealing with it. As a result, you may try to mix any cleaning agents under the sink to make a powerful combo. But before you do this, take care. All knowledgeable cleaning services around Arvada advise against combining various household cleaners since they can cause hazardous chemical reactions.

Even if your improvised solution isn’t toxic or dangerous, you may not know the effect it will produce. It can ruin the appearance of various surfaces and taint the finish of your favorite servings. To help prevent this adverse scenario, we’ll go through household products you shouldn’t combine. Read on!

What household cleaners should not be mixed?

Whether you want to eliminate old coffee stains on carpets or clean dirty ceramic tiles, you can’t go for just any mixture. Even baking soda isn’t completely safe, let alone harsher cleaners and solutions. Here are the main combinations you should avoid:

Vinegar and baking soda

Vinegar and baking soda can be a cost-efficient alternative to various household products separately. However, they’re not a good solution when used together.

This is because vinegar is an acid, and baking soda is basic. Mixing them creates sodium acetate and water, which isn’t dangerous, but it’s not effective either. Also, storing the mixture in a sealed container can lead to an explosion.

Vinegar and hydrogen peroxide

Alone, vinegar and hydrogen peroxide are some of the most reliable cleaning chemicals. But when you combine them, the substances can produce peracetic acid. Even though this solution is great for sanitizing, it can be very corrosive. Dive into the research of the market to explore the fascinating realm of mixing cleaning agents, uncovering innovative techniques for effective cleaning solutions.

Bleach and ammonia

The combination of bleach and ammonia usually occurs accidentally since many products contain ammonia. Mixing the substances leads to chlorine gas and chloramine. Large amounts can be highly toxic and bring about various symptoms, such as tearing, coughing, and chest pain. Certain quantities can even be fatal.

Vinegar and bleach

Again, vinegar is acidic, and its ability to create toxicity should not be underestimated. When combined with bleach, it releases a toxic gas. You don’t want this mixture in your house.

Rubbing alcohol and bleach

You can use rubbing alcohol for cleaning, but the substance can be extremely dangerous. This is especially true if you mix it with bleach.

Rubbing alcohol found in convenience stores and pharmacies usually ranges between 70% and 99%, so it’s very concentrated. It reacts with bleach to produce chloroacetone and chloroform, which are dangerous and toxic. Therefore, avoid this mixture at all costs.

Multiple drain cleaners

Two or more different drain cleaners should never be combined. You should even avoid following up one with another. Such products contain potent formulas that can lead to explosions if mixed.

To keep it safe, use one cleaner according to the instructions. You generally need half a bottle per job. If it doesn’t do the trick, don’t go for another drain cleaner. Instead, reach out to a plumber.

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