How to Get Your Bathroom Sink Clean & White

By admin March 16, 2021 Cleaning Tips

You probably don’t want to stare at a less-than-clean sink whenever you’re washing your hands or brushing your teeth. As easy as it might seem, thoroughly cleaning your sink to a shiny white is more difficult than it sounds.

Watermarks, gunk, rust, and cosmetics stains build up if you don’t clean the sink regularly. All this can taint your bathroom’s appearance and make it unpleasant to use. You need to keep the dirt and the contaminants at bay, and you’re about to learn how to return whiteness to your bathroom sink quickly and efficiently, just like top-rated cleaning services in Denver, CO.

How do I get my bathroom sink white again?

Since your bathroom can get packed with germs, cleaning it on a regular basis is vital to keeping it fresh, healthy, and looking clean. All cleaning performed in this area is extremely important, including removing dirt from the bathroom floor and cleaning the shower thoroughly.

However, keeping your bathroom sink pristine might be even more important because that’s the area of your bathroom you probably use several times a day. Not only does that make your bathroom get dirty more easily, but it also makes for poor sight.

Cleaning your bathroom sink is also great for improving the aesthetics of the room. A shiny white sink is much more pleasing to the eye than one with soap scum and other stains. Best of all, restoring its whiteness is fairly easy:

Remove limescale with white vinegar

Fill a spray bottle with white vinegar and apply it to your sink. Scrub the area with a gentle sponge or scrub brush until all the build-up is gone. Finally, rinse the vinegar with water.

Spray the sink with hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide will brighten up your white sink. Just spray it on and let the substance rest overnight. Rinse and wipe your sink dry next morning. You’ll be left with a shiny bathroom sink.

What is the best way to clean a bathroom sink?

You can clean your bathroom sink thoroughly using a few substances: oxygen bleach, salt, lemon juice, and dishwasher soap:

Soak stains using oxygen bleach

Mix oxygen bleach with water according to the instructions on the label. Dip a couple of rags into the solution and lay them along the bottom of your sink. Let the mixture rest for 15 minutes and remove the rags. Use a non-abrasive brush to scrub any remaining stains.

Use lemon juice and salt to eliminate rust

Sprinkle some table salt over rust and other stubborn stains. Squeeze lemon juice over the salt and start scrubbing with a clean cloth. Rinse with water and repeat the process, if necessary.

Clean with dishwasher soap

Spritz some dishwasher soap onto a sponge or soft cloth and wipe the sink down. Let the soap take effect for one minute and rinse with water.

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