How to Eliminate Germs in Your Bathroom

By admin April 14, 2021 Cleaning Tips

Bathroom is potentially one of the most germ-packed, bacteria-ridden areas in the house. It sees much activity while being a damp area, making it ideal for the development of bacteria. Many types of microbes congregate on objects you touch with your hands, such as the flush handle, door handles, and faucets. These areas need to be wiped down very often, especially if one of your family members is ill.

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What has the most germs in the bathroom?

Restoring whiteness to the bathroom sink, getting rid of stains on the bathroom floor, and cleaning a grimy shower are all vital to maintaining proper hygiene. However, they’re nowhere near as important as disinfecting the germiest areas in the bathroom. Here are the most common microbe hotspots:

  • Floor: The floor gets in contact with the same bacteria from the toilet since they are released every time you flush.
  • Doorknobs: The bathroom doorknob is another popular place for bacteria. It contains more germs per square inch than the toilet seat.
  • Toothbrush: Not only does the toothbrush take bacteria from the mouth, but it also collects germs from whatever surface you put it on.
  • Toothbrush holder: Over 60% of toothbrush holders contain mold and yeast, compared to 27% of toilet seats.
  • Faucet handle: Sink handles can contain over 600 times more microbes per square inch than toilet seats.
  • Towels: All sorts of bacteria can be found on towels, including E. coli.
  • Loofah: Shower sponges have cracks where bacteria and mold like to linger.

How long do bathroom germs live?

The survival time for bathroom germs varies. For instance, campylobacter and salmonella strains can live around one to four hours outside your body. On the other hand, staphylococcus aureus, the bacterium that leads to MRSA infections, can survive for weeks in adequate conditions.

Viruses that cause influenza can live on hard surfaces for up to a day. The same goes for the cold virus.

How do I kill germs in my bathroom?

Here’s how to get rid of bathroom germs, depending on their location:

Flushers and faucets

High-touch areas, such as faucets and flushers, contain tons of germs. To eliminate them, apply a disinfectant spray directly on the surface. Do the same for plunger handles and similar items.


Glass shower doors, bathtubs, and shower stalls can be home to numerous bacteria, too. To treat these areas, spray them with white vinegar using a squirt bottle. For deep cleaning, use a disinfecting bathroom cleaner and damp sponge. Wipe down the surfaces and rinse with clean water.


Deodorize and clean the toilet with vinegar. Squirt the substance around the toilet’s perimeter above the waterline and pour ⅔ cup vinegar into the bowl. Let the cleaner sit for around 15 minutes before flushing.

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